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Our Ingredients


Rosehip Extract - Contains Vitamin A, hydrates, boosts collagen formation, promotes skin regeneration, improves skin texture and reduces hyperpigmentation. Using extract provides all the benefit of rosehip oil without feeling greasy.

Matcha -  is a high-grade green tea, ground into powdered form.  Matcha powder has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness, it's gentle enough for all skin types, promotes a clear & even complexion and protects against sun damage.

Honeyquat -  (Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey) is an amazing conditioning agent derived from natural honey.  Honeyquat increases moisture uptake abiliity and delivers long lasting deep hydration leaving you feeling moisturized and conditioned without feeling greasy.

Vitamin E Oil - moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It adds to your glow and makes your skin smooth and healthy. The oil is also known to reduce hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, besides maintaining skin health.

Frankincense Oil - “Frankincense benefits include the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity. This makes it great for reducing the appearance of the skin’s pores and evening the skin tone.  Studies have shown frankincense to have anti-inflammatory and “tissue remodeling” properties, too.  Additionally, frankincense oil is cytophylactic. This means that it aids protecting existing skin cells, as well as encouraging the growth of new ones. Due to this reason, Frankincense oil works well to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and the appearance of scars, and soothes chapped, dry skin.

Lavender Oil - Lavender oil can benefit the skin in numerous ways. It has the ability to lessen acne, help lighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. It can even be used to treat other things, like improving hair health & curb hair loss.  Lavender is well known for its relaxing effect.

Peppermint Oil- Peppermint oil is great for soothing the itch of poison ivy or other allergic reactions.  It may also be used mixed with a carrier oil to clear the sinuses or soother a tension headache.

Rosemary Oil- Rosemary when used on your skin can stimulate blood circulation to soothe aching muscles and ease the joint pain of arthritis.

Cedarwood Oil- Cedarwood essential oil has been known to carry some skin health benefits that are said to be related to its properties as an anti-eborrheic, antiseptic, tonic, astringent, and fungicidal substance.

Patchouli Oil- Said to get better as it ages over time, the scent of patchouli becomes smoother and richer.  The oil has been used for thousands of years to treat different ailments. Today, it is still used to treat certain skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, acne, dry chapped skin. Patchouli is also known in Asia for its wound healing and scar reducing properties.  


Coconut Oil - It is now common knowledge, through independent studies and publications, that the high fat content in coconut oil has been effective in helping improve skin conditions, reducing rashes and even clearing acne.  Coconut oil has also shown to heal broken skin as it contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. It also acts as anti-inflammatory agent, soothing skin ailments that cause itching cracking and flaking.

Among these and many other benefits, coconut oil does not clog pores or cause the skin to become oily. One explanation is that coconut oil does not contain petroleum by-products. Instead, it will hydrate and soften the skin as it is absorbed deep into the skin cells. Coconut oil will also clear away dead skin and oily dirt making for a much healthier looking complexion. All naturally.

In summary, coconut oil can deliver great benefits for your skin. Raw and unprocessed, it is packed with vitamin E, proteins, lauric, capric and caprylic acids.  These are all good for your skin and it is why coconut oil is a primary ingredient in every Coco Beso soap bar.

Shea Butter -  is extraordinary for skin care.  Its richness in precious constituents, which include unsaturated fats with a large proportion of "unsaponifiables" components, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and D, provitamin A and allantoin. All these are natural and make Shea butter a superfood for your skin (and hair), but that is not all it can do for you because it is also known to provide with other great benefits:

  • Wrinkles, fine lines and scars repairing
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • UV protecting
  • Skin regenerating
  • Collagen production stimulating (makes the skin stronger, more supple and younger looking)

Here is more information on Shea Butter:

Articles related to home remedies for the skin, describe shea butter as a natural  coating that seals in moisture. For centuries, West Africans have protected their skin from the cold and dry Harmattan winds that blow from the Sahara Desert by smearing themselves with shea butter, which has protected their skin from drying out. Shea butter has been shown to help keep the skin hydrated and soft, yet it does not make the skin oily. 

Shea butter is high in stearic acid content, more so than other vegetable oils.  It has closer chemical composition of that found in animal fats. The fatty acid properties of shea butter allow it to be absorbed into the deeper skin layers to nourish skin cells and support collagen production. Important and commonly known facts are that the skin’s elasticity and suppleness are maintained by protein collagen. Loss of collagen due to aging and sun exposure are the main reasons why our skin wrinkles. And dehydration aggravates the appearance of wrinkles even further.  Thankfully, shea butter helps restore hydration within the skin layers, making them tighter and visibly smoother. Regular application protects against excessive moisture loss.

Our skin is our largest and most exposed organ and it absorbs many chemicals from daily exposure to the environment.  Shea butter offers a strong barrier to keep our skin hydrated and protected with its natural and non-toxic moisturizing agents.

Shea butter also acts as an anti-inflammatory as it contains cinnamic acid and lupeol cinnamate. These are best known to reduce skin inflammations as the butter is absorbed deep into the skin’s layers and normalizing the skin faster.

People have also used shea butter to help with skin conditions such as acne, dandruff, dry skin, eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, rashes and scabies (skin infections from mites).  –


Cocoa Butter -  has a high concentration of antioxidants, including oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. These are technically fatty acids, they are beneficial for the body, and help to neutralize free radicals throughout the body, particularly in the skin. Cocoa butter can help reduce the signs of aging, including wrinkles and dark spots. Research has also shown cocoa butter to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin and help to boost overall skin health.

Here we provide more information if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer very high in fatty acids, which penetrates the skin for very deep hydration.  It is also rich in antioxidants including oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. These fatty acids can deliver tremendous benefits to your skin as they provide a layer of protection from free radicals and other skin stressors. These wonderful properties have been known for helping delay aging of the skin. Many skin care experts incorporate cocoa butter into their daily skin care routines boasting amazing results.  Another huge benefit from the use of cocoa butter can be in the reduction of wrinkles, something most of us care about as we gracefully age.

 We know that so many factors can take a toll on our skin.  For folks in colder regions, it can be the weather. For others it can be hormones.  For the majority for us, it can be the daily environmental exposure that might impact the health of our skin the most. Fortunately, cocoa butter can act as a natural and non-toxic barrier that shields our skin from these harsh free radicals.

And for those with scars and stretch marks, almost any pregnant woman has heard of or tried cocoa butter. And while, there has never been complete or proven evidence on this claim, women boldly testify of positive results. As to the antioxidants we have already mentioned, they also work to smooth out dark spots and even skin tone. There have also been claims of reduced scar appearance. When it comes to sensitive skin, some people have even recommended cocoa butter as a natural healer for skin irritations such as eczema and dermatitis.

In summary, the use of cocoa butter has been on the rise as more people are replacing commercial soaps, ointments and creams that are generally loaded with harmful chemicals with naturally made skin products containing cocoa butter.


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