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My Story

Hi. My name is Kimberly Alicea, founder of CoCo Beso and this is my personal story.

Why make handcrafted bath and body products? Working fulltime, raising children, living on a budget and looking for ways to earn extra income... life gets crazy!  I've sold refurbished furniture, handmade crafts and grew / canned vegetables.

It wasn't until I reached my 50's that I began making handcrafted soap, I had Psoriasis, extremely dry skin.  I wasn't driven by the need for extra income as before, now I was looking for a way to improve my well-being.  At first, I purchasing topical creams, natural soaps and other products.  I soon realized not all "Natural" products were great and some were...terrible!   I look at a situation, problem or need as a challenge - this is where life gets crazy...again.

I researched soap making and ingredients and made my first batch of soap in 2015 in my kitchen and have never stopped. Although, I no long make soap in my kitchen or have soap curing on my dinning table or boxes of lotion jars in my living area... I still make every product CoCo Beso sells by hand in small batches.

I am truly thankful for my husband who encouraged (or pushed, lol) me to establish CoCo Beso in 2018. Without his help, support and technical knowledge - CoCo Beso would not be.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to channel my creativity in a way  that helps others.

Thanks for reading!